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5 myths about hair extensions………debunked!

by Uju Candy Offor on May 02, 2020

Have you ever heard one of these myths about hair extensions? Unfortunately, many retailers get away with lying about their products because they aren’t regulated by the same advertising laws American companies follow. Here are four myths we’ve seen about hair extensions which are becoming increasingly more popular:

#1: Hair extensions won’t shed.

This is a pretty easy myth to debunk. Think about your own hair—on a daily basis, everyone sheds around 50-100 strands of hair every day. Why would it be any different for hair extensions to also naturally shed a tiny bit each day? Unfortunately, we’ve seen online vendors use product names like “No Shed Hair Extensions” and claim their hair extensions will not shed at all. This causes consumers to believe that there’s something wrong with their hair extensions, when this shedding can be completely natural.

Now, if you notice an abnormally high amount of shedding from your extensions, this is not normal and indicates a low quality product. We recommend purchasing virgin and raw hair extensions, like the products we sell, to ensure the hair you purchase is completely natural and chemical-free.

#2: The hair grading system rates the quality of your hair extensions.

Have you ever seen hair extensions sold online with hair grades of 7A, 8A, 9A, etc.? This hair grading system was developed in China, the biggest exporter of hair extensions in the world. Other vendors around the world in countries like India, Russia, Cambodia, and Vietnam have faced difficulty competing for business because of the crowded global marketplace.

One way Chinese vendors have continued to dominate the market is through their creation of a “grading system,” which supposedly rates the quality of hair extensions. What many consumers don’t realize is that most of these hair extensions aren’t actually made with 100% virgin human hair. Part or all of these hair bundles are made of synthetic fibers which break down quickly after washing, styling, or coloring.

To make matters worse, this fake grading system isn’t even standardized. This means one vendor’s hair rated at 8A could be the same as another vendor’s 10A hair. Chinese vendors have even admitted recently that the grading system is purely a marketing tactic, and not based on real standards.

The gist of the story is that you should spot a red flag any time you see a vendor who has graded their hair extensions and if you must purchase, make sure to always sample the hair

#3: You can’t work out or go swimming with extensions.

Some hair extension vendors will warn you against doing any activities which could affect your extensions, such as washing your hair, swimming, going to the gym, and taking part in any strenuous outdoor activities. However, these warnings are just one more red flag that a vendor is trying to sell you hair extensions filled with synthetic fibers.

Raw or Virgin hair extensions are completely safe for your regular everyday activities. Just be sure you use an experienced professional to install the extensions for you!

#4: Virgin hair and raw hair are the same thing.

Nope! Many people think virgin and raw hair extensions are the same because the names sound similar. Let’s look at the differences:

First, raw hair. Raw hair extensions are high quality hair that is completely unprocessed and  has not been processed or chemically treated in any way. In other words, the hair is completely natural, and it comes to you the way it was originally grown. Most women who donate raw hair have similar hair patterns, and because these extensions haven’t been treated in any way, no short hairs have been taken out, you’ll generally only find them in straight, natural wavy or natural curly textures. Each bundle of extensions is unique and will slightly vary from another.

The most common types of hair extensions include:

  • Russian — Soft, silky and finer in nature. It often comes in lighter colors and is a great match for women with light colored, fine and silky hair
  • Indian----Beautiful bounce and fullness, Soft to coarse in texture,versatile, comes in slightly wavy to deep curly   Usually dark or darker brown in color
  • Vietnamese — Usually very straight and smooth
  • Cambodian — Usually curlier, thick, and full
  • Chinese---------Hair strand is thick, silky and usually used to harsh treatments when processing cheap low quality hair

Now let’s compare that to virgin hair. Virgin hair means hair that has never been chemically processed including color treatments, perming, relaxing treatments, or bleaching. It refers to hair that has been collected from a single donor and can be either single or double drawn. Textures such as curls, and kinks are only steam processed to ensure the bundles of virgin extensions look more uniform

All Kaylee Cruz Hair products are made of either virgin or raw hair, cuticles are all aligned running in the same direction to ensure easy flow of hair and no tangling, in addition all of our hairs are naturally smooth and silky. Our virgin hair bundles come in a wider range of textures, but you can further style your raw or virgin hair extensions to achieve your desired look. We simply recommend that you check out our amazing range of Luxury hair care including a Vegan range! Yes you heard us right Vegan! Also make sure to use minimal heat application to prevent damage to both types of extensions and your natural hair. (And this is why we’re actually creating a heat protector product—keep a lookout because it’s coming soon!)

#5: Extensions damage your natural hair.

This definitely isn’t true! In fact, one of our primary goals at Kaylee Cruz Hair is to offer products to help women prevent premature hair loss, repair any damaged hair they have and encourage hair growth. When hair extensions are applied by a professional, they won’t harm your own hair at all. Professional extension stylists will be able to evaluate your hair type so they can properly apply your extensions.

Do you have more questions?

If you have another burning question about a rumor you’ve heard about hair extensions, we would be happy to chat. You can check out some of our FAQs, or just reach out for your own answers. Kaylee Cruz Hair is well known for offering high quality virgin and raw hair extensions, as well as luxurious hair care products made with ingredients to promote healthy and healthy hair growth.


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