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Can Lace Wigs Damage Your Hair Line?

by Uju Candy Offor on November 08, 2020

Many stars like the Kardashians, Zendaya, and Lil Kim wear lace wigs, without horror stories of lost natural hair. Then there are reports and blogs reporting that lace wigs will damage your hairline. So much misinformation on the internet has muddied the truth about lace wigs. The truth is that lace wigs do not harm your hairline. There are multiple factors to ensure your hairline is protected and stay healthy while sporting your wig. If you've experienced damage to their hairline, edges, or poor hair growth while wearing a wig, the tips below will pivot your wig experience to a whole new fabulous level.

The Benefits of Wearing Lace Wigs

Lace wigs are a popular choice for several reasons. The most notable benefits of lace wigs are how natural they appear and their versatility. When applied to the head properly, lace wigs provide an invisible hairline and allow for hair to be styled in any hairstyle. Their lightweight nature and ability to breath allow for long-term wear while your scalp can continue to breathe. Additionally, many women claim it feels as if they aren’t even wearing a cap! With the option of wearing these wigs for up to 6 weeks, the best selections ensure long-lasting fit with a hair clip and adjustable band. All of Kaylee Cruz’s wigs are perfect for wearing glueless and for up to six weeks.

High-quality lace wigs like those on this site are handmade with hair from one donor with the cuticles all aligned in one direction. They’re quite impressive, and customers have found these benefits and the unbeatable quality of lace wigs such as the Ari lace wig.  Whitney O. recently stated, “I’ve purchased a bunch of Kaylee Cruz wigs over a few months. And I finally found my go-to hair place. All of my wigs, Ari, Jayda, and Lashonda have been beautiful and long-lasting.”         

The Care in Wearing Lace Wigs

Just like a great fitting pair of shoes, a wig that fits appropriately will be comfortable over the wig cap, but that's only the first step. The truth about lace wigs and damage to your hairline depends on how you (or your hairdresser) apply and remove your lace wig over your wig cap. When both procedures are done correctly, then there should be no damage to your hair or hairline.  

The first step is to have a great fitting wig cap that acts as a protective layer between your natural hair and wig. If you're more likely to wear a wig for up to six weeks, Kaylee Cruz recommends wearing it glueless. When placing your wig, double-check the edges are directly on your cap, then your good to go. No messy glue is required! There are many benefits to going glueless, including promoting hair growth, increased comfort, easy to apply and remove, and provided the ultimate flexibility to wear different wigs at a moment's notice.

When wearing your wig for a shorter term and using glue, be sure to use the smallest amount possible for proper adhesion. Too much adhesive equals irritation, dry scalp, and white flakes from dried adhesive. Then when it’s time to remove your wig, don’t just yank it off. Use the specific adhesive remover and use only enough to soften the glue, then slowly release the wig. 

The second most important factor of keeping your scalp and natural hairline in top shape is to give your head a break between long-term wear. During this short break, take extra care with your hair, washing, and conditioning regularly. Also, take the time to properly wash your wigs according to the instructions provided upon purchase. Once cleaned, be sure to allow the wig to dry and store on a wig carrier, hanger, stand, or box. The better care you take of your natural hair and lace wigs will ensure fabulous hair days for years to come. 

Are You Ready for a Lace Wig?

If you’re ready to feel and look like Beyoncé, Kylie Jenner, or Serena Williams head to the Ari lace wig page or shop the Kaylee Cruz’s Lace Wigs page for various colors, lengths, and styles.




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