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Meet the Last Eyelash Glue You Will Ever Buy

by Uju Candy Offor on August 20, 2020

Every woman has the right to be their best and look as beautiful as they feel. Kaylee Cruz Hair has provided hair and accessories for women to have gorgeous hair and lashes. Only the best and highest quality products are sold at Kaylee Cruz. When a new product is discovered that meets their strict standards, it’s time to take note. One such product is  Glam Eyeliner Lash Glue.

Eyelash Glue

If you’ve ever had false eyelashes, you know the struggle of poor glue or bad adhesive products. Lashes become loose, or worse, and can fall off at random. Whether you’re at work or on a date, this could lead to feeling less than beautiful or put together.

Recently, Kaylee Cruz discovered and is now selling Glam Eyeliner Lash Glue, an eyelash glue that doubles as precision eye liner. The Glam comes in a pen-style applicator that is easy to hold and use. Simply uncap, then apply the liner on your eyelid as usual. After waiting the suggested amount of time, pick up your eyelashes with tweezers and place them on the liner. Presto! Your lashes will be set in no time at all and as a bonus, your liner is perfectly applied.  When you visit Glam’s product page, be sure to watch the video to see the precision brush liner and glue in action.

The pen is blinged up, which will make your other products jealous, to add glam to your purse for on-the-go for liner touchups. The product inside is just as beautiful including several sought-after qualities, including that it is waterproof, provides long-lasting all-day wear, smudge-proof, allows for precisive application, fast drying, and perfect for beginners or pros.

The Glam Eyeliner Lash Glue will change your lash game and you’ll become the envy of your friends. Heads are sure to turn and even strangers will compliment you and ask where you found such an amazing liner.

Did we mention, Glam Eyeliner Lash Glue makes the perfect gift for all your girlfriends? You can purchase one at a time or choose from one  of our amazing bundle deals  to  add to your cart today!


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