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What Wigs Do Celebrities Wear?

by Uju Candy Offor on August 07, 2020

Wearing wigs is becoming more and more popular as the stigma of having to hide your natural hair is fading into history. Instead, this trend, especially among the stars, gives you the versatility to change your look at a moment’s notice, looking fabulously different, without tinkering with your natural hair too much. It is surprising how many women wear wigs instead of sporting their own locks. Many of them say that wigs protect their natural hair. But for us it’s also about making that statement, standing out from the crowd, setting trends, and just looking gorgeous. Why? Because we can!

Most notable of these fashion icons are superstars like Beyoncé, aka the queen of wigs and weaves, rapper Cardi B, fashion icon Kylie Jenner, and Nicky Minaj, among thousands of others. Arianna Grande proudly confesses that she wears wigs, and Zendaya clearly experiments with her looks often.

HD Lace Wig

One of Beyoncé’s favorite type of wig is the HD Lace Wig, an opinion she shares with the likes of Oprah, Tyra Banks, and other A-list ladies (of course Beyoncé prefers the ombre look!). HD means high definition (also known as Film Lace), meaning that the lace on these babies are invisible against your scalp. This is as thin as lace gets, and with 100% virgin hair, the only way anyone will know you are wearing a wig depends on what your hair looked like yesterday.

Image: Front and back view of HD Lace Wig: Long in plum eggplant color

This image is courtesy of Kaylee Cruz Hair, one of their custom wig units, which is 20-22 inches long and 150% density.

Bob Hair Wigs

Even though Cardi B is known for her super long locks and colorful bow looks, she also got on the bob trend train in 2020. Other celebs that favor the bob look include Kim Kardashian, Zendaya, Salma Hayek, and Nicky Minaj. Nicky and Cardi both love experimenting with different and outrageous colors that truly make a statement. 

Most of these stars go for the full lace wigs that have 150% density, which make their hair look naturally full, with some added body and bounce. Just because everyone knows you are wearing a wig, doesn’t mean that your hair should look like a wig.

Image: Front and side view of Bob Wig: Medium in honey blonde color

This image is courtesy of Kaylee Cruz Hair, another custom wig unit, which is 12-14 inches long and 150% density.

Wigs are definitely in style and everyone is wearing them, but for your comfort and peace of mind it is always best to go for a high-quality wig that looks like natural hair, even if you go for green, purple, pink, or rainbow hair. Full HD lace wigs that are custom-made for your needs is the best thing for you, but we aren’t all celebrities with celebrity bank accounts.

Luckily, Kaylee Cruz Hair has these great looking wigs, with 100% virgin hair, that you can color to look like your favorite star or make your own statement.

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