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About Kaylee Cruz Hair

In a world where you can be anything, Kaylee Cruz Hair empowers you to celebrate the beauty of being yourself.
Who We Are

Established in 2018 and nestled in the iconic heart of Dallas, Texas – Kaylee T Cruz Hair has been providing premium hair extensions, wigs, mink lashes, and beauty supplies designed to help every woman look, feel, and be her very best. Offering premium human hair extensions, quality mink lashes, and stunning beauty supplies at exceptionally affordable prices, founder Candy Offor has remained steadfast in her mission to provide quality products that help her clients uncover, discover, and unleash their own inner-goddess and embrace their own personal beauty.

At Kaylee Cruz, we believe that when a woman looks her best, she is able to be her best. We believe that every woman being deserves to feel fabulous, beautiful, and unapologetically confident – and we believe that she deserves to do it without breaking the bank. As a women owned and operated small business, Kaylee Cruz was founded on the basic believe that by providing high-quality human hair extensions, premium lace front wigs, stunning hair pieces, and exquisite mink lashes, we are able to provide the tools to help our clients invest in themselves without overextending themselves financially. We remain committed to offering premium products that last – all while delivering unsurpassed customer service, industry knowledge, and affordable prices.

Kaylee Cruz is a beauty and haircare brand that was created by women, for women. At the core of everything we do is our passion to eliminate beauty barriers and connect our valued customers to the products that empower them to live the fabulous life they truly deserve.

About Our Founder

Candy Offor founded Kaylee Cruz in 2018 with a simple, yet revolutionary mission in mind: Help women find the products they need to look, feel, and do their absolute best. Named in honor of her three young children, Candy set out to both provide a secure financial future for her family, as well as provide an inspirational example to her children that with hard work, dedication, and passion – anything is possible.

Moved by her dedication to inspire other women to embrace their best lives, seize their dreams, and accomplish their goals – whether that is through a tough sales pitch in a board room or a stunning new 100% Virgin wig that ignites her confidence. From boss babes to beauty queens, Kaylee Cruz is on a mission to support all women, all the time. Based on the basic belief that when a woman looks her best, she is able to be her best, Kaylee Cruz offers quality products that will give the boost of confidence every woman deserves in her life.

So again, welcome to Kaylee Cruz – where the journey to beauty, self-confidence, and possibility begins with a single strand of hair.


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