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I decided to spoil myself for my birthday with a Kaylee Cruz wig and I was NOT disappointed. The Khloe wig came in a nice box with the Luscious Hair serum. You can tell it’s high quality hair with very little shedding as expected. Every time I wear the wig I get loads of compliments and stares. As for the serum, a little goes a long so the little bottle will last for a while. You can tell the serum is good quality because It always makes the hair look like I just came from the Salon and isn’t heavy. I would definitely recommend this wig to everyone.


My experience with the Adeola wig is amazing! These curls are the best I have seen so far. They are super soft and I am yet to experience any significant shed! Totally gorgeous I would say.


The Tammy wig I got from Kaylee Cruz is very silky, smooth and natural looking. The hair felt real and it made me feel beautiful, I received many compliments on the hair and how it looked. The quality of the hair was great and I especially loved the attention to details with their Luxury packaging! I felt that each and every step of their brand experience has been well thought out. I felt like this brand was after my heart as a customer and wanted me to look my absolute best The wig I got was the right hair density, it was perfect, it wasn’t thin or too thick, I would highly recommend Kaylee Cruz hair for gorgeous wigs and hair products


This Filipino SEA wave hair is BEAUTIFUL! its the highest quality of hair I have experienced and I have since introduced my sister to this brand


I have had so much fun playing with my hair this week. These Cambodian Curly 3c Clip ins are so versatile. The hair is extremely soft, very minimal shedding and blended well with my natural hair. On top the many compliments that I received, everyone thought it was my hair. I wish I would’ve have know about clip ins after my big chop in 2014/2015. When I washed the hair last night, the curls reverted back without damage.


The Heavenly unit I purchased is SOOO AMAZING! It’s the real deal! I truly felt beautiful like a real queen am yet to see a softer and more beautiful hair, I absolutely love it! Luxuriously soft, bouncy and full it’s a worthy hair investment!!! Oh and their Luxury packaging is on another level. Ladies get your sexy hair game on, I promise you won’t regret it


I love the Cambodian Kinky Curly ponytail hair from Kaylee Cruz hair. It was full, versatile and truly made me look and feel beautiful.


The hair bonnet feels really silky, I never go to bed without it. I have had it for over a year now and it has really help protect my hair and lock the moisture in my hair at night while I am having my beauty sleep


The extension carrier and hanger set is a really smart product. It keeps the wig protected and organized. It is a must have!


This was my first time buying curly hair and I don’t regret it. The Jazmine unit is so soft and tangle free, it is also low maintenance which I was looking for. I felt beautiful wearing the hair and got so many compliments from coworkers and friends who couldn’t stop gushing about how great I look so happy to have found my go to hair brand, I definitely will be coming back


My Cambodian Kinky straight ponytail is so beautiful! I love the fact that even with my hair being a 4c texture, the ponytail was able to blend perfectly with my hair texture. This is a great product and a great hair style for protective styling, any one on a healthy hair journey or thinking about going on one.


I love my Kiki wig from Kaylee Cruz hair company. It was the perfect texture and density and feels really soft and bouncy. The hair, luxury package and entire customer experience was impressionable, and I could tell they went all out to make me look and feel my absolute best and I loved that. I would highly recommend that every lady adds Kaylee Cruz to her hair collection


I purchased the Adeola unit and I can truly say that this is absolutely the BEST unit that I own and the BEST I have ever purchased! The quality of the hair was unbelievable, the luster, it is soft, tangle free and to die for. I highly recommend kaylee Cruz hair company to anyone who is done with bad quality hair and wants to look and feel beautiful


I was ready to try a different look and Kaylee Cruz Hair company came through. It’s amazing how the Brooke wig felt once I touched it, the color suits me perfectly instantly made me look and feel BEAUTIFUL! The entire packaging exudes nothing but luxury, the attention to details was impeccable!


In January 2018 I had triplets, this was my first time being a mother and it was pretty overwhelming. The changes I saw in my body was significant and I was looking to regain my pre- pregnancy look so I thought why not treat myself to a new hair style. I came across the Kaylee Cruz hair brand and I loved the look and feel of the brand and their products, so I went ahead and ordered. I purchased their best seller Burmese Loose Curls texture and the hair is so beautiful and the quality is great. I had been looking for curly hair for a while now and I got the best from Kaylee Cruz hair. I read the story about the owner and instantly connected to her story as it is similar to mine. This hair made me feel beautiful and definitely helped me regain my confidence and I am thankful I came across this brand. I must also say the packaging is the best I’ve seen so far


I tried the Cambodian Curls hair from Kaylee Cruz Hair. The hair was truly amazing.


I am a hairstylist located in Houston and I’ve had the pleasure of working with a few wigs from Kaylee Cruz hair company. The Kendra and Lala units are just amazing with a natural luster to them The hairs felt luxurious thick and looked incredibly beautiful. I also had the Kendra unit colored and it picked color so well without hair damage. As a hairstylist this hair company is a win for me.


The Kandi unit is a TRULY BEAUTIFUL UNIT!!! This is my second time purchasing hair from this company. The first time was in 2018 and I always have a pleasant experience because the quality of the hair has been consistently amazing. I truly feel like a queen or that the best part of myself has been unveiled and it’s a great feeling getting so many compliments.


I purchased the Adeola, Kandi and Tammy unit all the way from the UK and I can truly say that I believe it when they say there is luxury in every strand because everything from the hair, the unboxing experience is unmatched. The hair was soft, colored beautifully, had very little shedding and did not tangle once. Being a busy mom of two young boys I wanted to look and feel my best again and they did not disappoint, I have truly found my new best wig company!


I purchased the 25MM Kimmie Mink lash and they are beautiful, they instantly made my eyes pop and I love how curved they look and lightweight the lashes feel. I have also used them multiple times and they still look amazing each time!


I was looking for a wig to purchase and wear to a wedding and a friend told me about this company. I went on their website and instantly fell in love with the Giselle unit. All I can say is that SHE WAS WORTH IT HONEY !! The unit was even more beautiful when it arrived and I was so pleased. The best part was my experience at the wedding!!!! I was an absolute stunner, I felt like the BELLE OF THE WEDDING because I received so much compliments on my hair and gave the name of the company to several other ladies. It was an incredible experience, so I decided to send them an image of myself at the wedding party to show how beautiful I looked and felt! Absolutely WORTH EVERY PENNY


The Bre wig is my all time favorite look! It was my first time trying curly hair and an ombre color hair. I wanted something different more of a new look and decided to go ahead and order from Kaylee Cruz Hair. I was truly impressed by the quality of the wig, the presentation and the overall experience. For the first in a long while I turned heads constantly! I really truly love my wig


The Kendra unit from Kaylee Cruz hair has become my new best friend! Love! Love! Love her!! The hair is high quality for sure! Beautiful look and feel, the hair line was so natural and realistic just like I wanted. My wig arrived in a beautiful box with a special gift that made me smile, overall amazing product and experience definitely my number 1 hair company for 2020.


I purchased the Lauren unit and was thrilled when it arrived. The lace matched my skin color and the hair was so smooth and soft I could tell it was worth my money. I wore the wig to a party and felt really good when I walked in because I was told over and over again how beautiful my hair looked. I have had the unit for close to 10 months now and it still looks beautiful with very minimal shed. I was looking for a trusted company to purchase hair from and I am glad that I found them on Instagram and took the chance because it was so worth it!

Shakari, C

I absolutely LOOOVVVEEEEEEEE THESE LASHES AND THE PEN!!!!!! I am forever hooked. Im currently using JADE lashes and have used the pen. Thanks for being such a wonderful company with amazing customer service.

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